HairTG - Hair Clump Tool

*** UPDATE: Hair Clump Tool is now named Hair & Fur since version 2.0 ***
Update: version 1.2.1 is available! See what's new at and

This is a hair/fur texture generator for Substance Designer or sbsar compatible hosts such as the free Substance Player. Can be used to generate textures for hair cards or alphas for painting apps. Quick, flexible generation and variation creation, outputs Mask, Alpha, ID, Depth, Color, Flow and Gradient Ramp maps. Can also be used for other purpose with custom pattern support. Check the videos and store pages for more infos.

Available on the following stores:

HairTG - Hair Clump Tool 1.2 update

HairTG - Hair Clump Tool Overview

HairTG - Hair Clump Tool 1.1 update